Chocolate chip cookies are new on the menu for the holiday cottage welcome packs this spring.  I’ve been busy in the kitchen testing a number of recipes and after much research with the family (of the nibbling sort), I have come up with a particularly yummy one that makes deliciously gooey cookies.

I know that generally, photos of food featured on a menu are never a good idea, but I couldn’t resist taking a shot of a batch fresh out of the oven:

Luxury holiday cottage in Dumfries and Galloway

Corsewall Cookies welcome guests on arrival at Corsewall Estate Holiday Cottages

I’ve been trying out my new found photography skills following a day’s course with Allan Wright last month.  I think I probably have to work on the composition side of things but I am pleased that the shot of the cookies is at least in focus for a change and I didn’t have to use the flash.

I’ve also been out and about with the camera in the sunny weather of the past few days, so I will  do a bit more showing off with some shots of squirrels and flowers in a post in the near future.  I’m still surgically attached to the notes I took at Allan’s workshop, but hope with a bit more practise, I’ll soon be able to throw caution to the wind and head out on a shoot without them.