It was purchased back in April and there’s been much asking and much promising and finally we have launched an amazing zip wire in the woods near Garden and Stables Cottages.  I appreciate that it’s not a patch on the zip at Laggan Outdoors, but at a 60 metre long trip, it’s absolutely awesome all the same.  Here’s a couple of shots of the Corsewall Estate Holiday Cottages zip wire pioneers:

Holiday cottages with lots to do outdoors for children

Zip wire Launched for Corsewall Estate Holiday Cottages

Luxury holiday cottages in Dumfries and Galloway launch zip wire for kids

More Zipping on Corsewall Estate Holiday Cottages’ New Flying Fox

You can also see a clip of one of the pioneers in action on our Facebook page just to give you an idea of the scale of it.

So now in the woods for children staying at any of the Corsewall Estate Holiday Cottages, in addition to the flying fox, there’s the climbing frame, complete with lookout house and binoculars to spot any baddies, swings, slide and back to back glider; huge trampoline; a two-storey wendy house and a camp fire for toasting marshmallows.  Happy holidays kids!